ANNUAL FSR PEACE FEST

                 PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)

Phone: 718-522-6868, 718-360-1373

E-mail: FSRPeaceFest@FamilySupportandResourcesny.org

Website: www.FamilySupportandResourcesny.org

(Brooklyn, New York) Family Support and Resources Inc. organization is celebrating over twenty-five (25) years of continuing services and our annual FSR PEACE FEST on Monday, Memorial Day, May 29, 2017.  Community leaders, parents, students and other will walk and march in a parade starting at 10:00 a.m. in Fort Greene Park at Myrtle Avenue between North Portland and St. Edward Street. An awards ceremony is scheduled for 12:00 noon followed by an afternoon of fun activities.

This is a walk for peaceĀ, says Victoria O.F. Amoo (Lady V), President and CEO of Family Support and Resources. We are advocating and promoting  for peace, unity and compassion; we must stop the violence in our homes, schools and communities, also in our Nation and around the World.

Our young people, who represents our future, are dying at an alarming rate. The FSR PEACE FEST represents a coming together of our communities to foster peace, compassion and understanding. We believe that the only way we can begin to curb the violence that has became a plague affecting our homes, nation and the world has to begin with each individual . We are asking the communities to come out and join us in our annual FSR PEACE FEST.

The Family Support and Resources organization was founded in 1990 by Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V) with the vision of strengthening families by providing vocational and technical assistance, support services and referrals to needy families. FSR also works to prevent stress and domestic violence. Promoting quality of life in homes and communities around the World.

Family Support and Resources Has been awarded a Proclamation by the Brooklyn Borough President's Office and by the Mayor's Office of the City of New York for its dedication to helping those in need as well as for promoting peace and harmony in the communities.

For additional information, or to find our how you can help make this event a success, please contact our office by phone at (1-718) 522-6868 by e-mail us: FSRPeaceFest@FamilySupportandResourcesny.org                                         info@FamilySupportandResouresny.org  

visiting our website: www.FamilySupportandResourcesny.com



                                 MAY IS A PEACE MONTH

The Month of May is a Peace and Non-Volence Month.

The spring's beautiful aroma is in the air.

The Flowers, plants, edible fruits and vegetable are in blossom,

with the sun, rain and rainbow.

The Butterflies and Birds are displaying signs of life.

The blessing Month of Pentecost and Holy Trinity.

The blessing Month of Crowning Holy Mother - St. Mary.

The Month of celebration for all Mothers - Mother's Day.

The Month of celebration for Lady V's Birthday.

The celebration Month of  annual FSR Peace Fest,

on historical Memorial Day of Compassion and

in the historical Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY

Where Christ reveal Himself to me.

The Annual FSR Peace Fest is the celebration and promotion of

God's Rainbow of Peace, Love, Unity, Grace, Forgiveness and Compassion for

all God's Children of all Nationality, Ethnics and all the Faithful

As God's Children we are call and encourage to show love, respect,

forgiveness and compassion to one another.   To advocate and  promotes

peace, love, unity, respect, dignity, compassion and qualities of life in our

Homes and World Communities.

(c) Written By:  Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)

Dedicated for the Month of May