Soil, the humble works of Nature
has embraced the Human Kind.
As I was digging into the Soil
the path was so dirty, dried, hot,
rugged and uncared for.

I felt uneasy but not discouraged.
I need to care for this Soil, the Earth;
it will care for me.
Patiently and persistently, I nurtured,
wet and spray with cool water,
embedded with Compost and its recycled team,
the nutrient formula to the soil, the Earth.
The Soil’s digging became easier, softer,
absorbed and moisture.

Even, the birds and squirrels
are having fiesta with the seeds.
The healthier dirty Soil now produces
and blossom with pretty and beautiful
Flowers full of fresh aroma.
The edible plants, vegetables, fruits,
herbs and wheat that feed and nurtures human being.
Oh, my favorite wheat and red grade,
the symbol food of Salvation.

Soil is a living substance,                                                                    it contains elements of Air (oxygen and nitrogen), Water, Living organisms, Humus (organic matters),              Particles of Minerals and Rocks.                                          The dirty Soil has has been humbled at work to gave back good nutrients formula to human kind.

Let every man and women, young or old                     nurture and care for the Soil, the earth.                           The soil will embrace us kindly in return.                         Care and feed the Soil, the Earth,                                       you are feeding and care for People, the World.

Written By: Victoria O.F. Amoo (Lady V)

© Copyright 2012

Dedicated to: Children and Family
Let no Children, Family or Individual
go hungry or without food.



Compost, the continual recycling of organic matter,

free of chemical fertilizers.

Compost is universal kitchen garbage and yard waste.

The re-use and recycling of these garbage and waste,

has fertile the Earth’s Lands.

Composting is like a full circle,

We must return back what we take away from Earth’s Land.

The Humus, so called the organic fraction of the soil,

Consists of material that has been and

will again be part of living organisms.

Oh whoa! You mean that my rotten vegetables and fruits;

the dry brown leaves, green leaves, shredded newspapers,

Earthworms casting, sow bugs, millipedes, mites and beetles has become healthy pile.

What a cast of Characters!

Indeed, the decomposition is a complex of ecosystem at work.

Let every Gardeners recycle, re-use and composting

Let us save the Earth’s Land of every Nation.

 By: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)

© Copyrights 2012

 Dedicated to:

 Mother Earth: an End to Hunger and Waste.



  The Living Water,

  The Savior's wound sprinkle living water

  freely for everyone; water of life, water of salivation.

  The Earthly soil was enriched, the plants, flowers,

  trees and edibles flourishing in the color of growing

  foliage.  The living water has sprout positive seeds for

  the Season, Human and Mammal grow in healthy life.


  The living water flow freely, connected the

  World together.  Every life and Nations will always

  seek and thirsty for the fountain.  It has become the

  source of spiritual healing for Universe.

  The living water has re-generating the Earth.

  The sources of universal energy that evaporate and

  recycling the earthly in-adequate.

  The living water refreshing the earthly creations

  with the gift of life.  The fountain of rebirth of

  love, peace, unity, forgiveness and compassion

  for humanity.

 (c) Written By: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)

 Dedicated for Peace among Human race,

Justice and compassion among World Leaders.