Family Support and Resources provide on going weekly peer support group for Men and Women. Topics includes stress reduction and general family problems and prevention in a non-judgemental environment.


                        STRESS MANAGEMENT

More and more of our present day illness have been shown

to be directly related to high pressure urban life styles.

In fact, it is estimated that 75 -80 percent of all medical

complaints are stress related. The relaxation elements of

 some complementary therapies are ideal resources for creating

one's own stress reduction wellness plan.

Complementary therapies hold the potential for a more holistic,

cost effective approach to taking charge of our own health

 promotion-wellness program in the "now" experience.

Many of these therapies may well be appropriately

considered as complementary to the health care

system's more holistic approach to assisting clients towards

wholeness and healing.

By: Bertie Gilmore, R. N., Ph.D.,

Natural Health Consultant


* Topic: Stress Reduction (Holistic Approach)

* Facilitator:    Victoria Amoo (Lady V)

* Sessions: Weekly sessions

* Days: Saturdays

* Time: 1-3 p.m.

* Place: 177 Myrtle Avenue

* Floor:  Main Floor 

* Between: Fleets Place and Prince Street/

  Flat-bush Avenue, Downtown Brooklyn

  Bus. B54

  Train: #2,3, 4,Nevins Walk 3 Blocks

            A,C, F, R to Jay Street/Metro Tech        

 * Phone: 1-718-522-6868 

 * Email: info@familysupportandresourcesny.org